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Hi Maryjo
Here's your collection of photos.
Please give me a call with any questions.

A Special Discounted Pricing sheet is included in the gallery.

This gallery of photos will be available for viewing online until October 7. Then it goes into my archives for safe keeping.

Be sure to select an image for your 8" x 10" print. It's included as a part of what you have already paid. You also have three social media images as a part of your pre-paid package.

Thank you for coming to and supporting my studio

SpecialPricing2017web101 291DJPX1198 2102 292DJPX1205 2103 293DJPX1207 2104 294DJPX1217 2105 295DJPX1219 2106 296DJPX1221 2107 297DJPX1234 2108 298DJPX1237 2109 299DJPX1240 2110 300DJPX1242 2111 301DJPX1275 2112 302DJPX1282 2113 303DJPX1287 2114 304DJPX1301 2115 305DJPX1314 2116 306DJPX1316 2117 307DJPX1317 2118 308DJPX1320 2DJPX1238

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